Friday, May 18, 2012

A Little Getaway

Corey and I have spent the last couple of days down in Portland checking out apartments and just generally checking out what is soon to be our home.  It was also a nice way to spend some time with him before he heads down in a week and a half.  It also made me a lot more excited to get down there.  I can't wait to start this new life.  I've found a couple of good leads on jobs and I'm going to start applying next week.  Maybe I'll be able to get down there sooner than the beginning of July.

We actually found an apartment that we REALLY love.  It's about 15 minutes out of Portland in Yarmouth, Maine.  It allows dogs, has a pool, 24 hour gym, one bedroom, tri-level with balconies on every level.  It has a lot of trees around, a fenced in area for dogs to run free, and lots of parking.

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We also found a nice back up apartment in South Portland.  It's a little smaller, all one floor, but has two bedrooms.  It's right near where Corey is going to work and there's even a nice little pub right next door.  It seems like it could be a tad noisy, but there is a huge basement that we get the only access too.

We'll probably take a look at one or two more once Corey moves down.  I want to have lots of options and choices.  Not put all our eggs in one basket.

It was a little cloudy most of the time we were down there, but it got nice and bright and green on Thursday.  The ocean was beautiful.  Flowers were popping everywhere.  We ended up eating at a really good little place called Back Bat Eatery.  It was a tad more expensive than we expected, but was so good.  We had sandwiches, french fries and a dough boy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Photo via me
Here are a couple more random pictures from the trip - including one of Stormy after we picked him back up.  He stayed with Corey's mom and mourned the loss of his people the whole time.  What a weirdo dog.

Corey's sister's cat - Tony

The street we stayed on

Serious Driver Man

I saw this awesomeness on a truck

Stormy Hurricane enjoying his window

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