Saturday, June 9, 2012

Come On Get Happy

Most of the music that I've been listening to the past week or so have been designed to keep my mind off the fact that I am missing Corey horribly.  I pretend to the people around me that it's no big deal, but in reality I'm lonely and sad.  These are some of the songs that get me smiling and dancing around my house like a crazy person. 

 Let's face it - Madonna is the bomb.  Okay, some of her recent stuff is not so good, but her classic stuff?  Pure awesomeness!

I love anything Felicia Day does.  I have a major girl crush on her.  It also helps that this song is catchy and has a great beat.  I wasn't picked on in high school, but I still think everyone has moments where they feel like the biggest dork on the planet.

I added this one because of the line "Baby you light up my world like no one else".  It makes me think of Corey. It perfectly describes how he makes me feel.  Cheesy, right?  Hey - I'm okay with that. 

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