Monday, July 9, 2012

Kinda Sorta Officially Moved

Saturday, Corey and I headed up to the house a brought a load over for storage and a load down to Bangor with us.  A lot of the Bangor stuff was my clothes and our TV/gaming stuff.  I would say we are about 1/3 moved out of Mars Hill house.  Woot woot!

The entire time we were packing, Stormy alternated between looking at us like the saddest puppy in the world and continuously jumping in and out of the car.  What you can't see in the picture above.....

Yup, he was still hooked up to his outside line.  He just wanted to make sure that we didn't forget him there.

Anywho - I am a little relieved to have at least started the whole process of getting stuff outta the MH house.  When it was just me up there, the whole thought of packing it up was a little overwhelming.  On the other hand, we are staying with my aunt and uncle while saving up for a place of our own.  While they're nice .... I'm a little uncomfortable.  Like I'm taking advantage of them or something.  Oh well, hopefully by the end of August or beginning of September we'll have a place of our own.

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