Friday, July 20, 2012

My Bold New Plan

I've been taking some time and making some plans for the summer in my quest to "Live Boldly".  Since I am still working on getting an apartment and getting my finances together, I decided to not too crazy ..... yet.  Summer To Do Lists have been popping up on blogs all over my reader, and I thought "Why not make one myself".  Also, it checks some things off my 35 Before 35 list, so win-win!  I even have a few of these in the works.

Photo by Matt Stange
 I want to know - how do you live boldly? Any ideas on what fun, adventurous activities I can add to my life ... or at least try out?

Also, I have big plans for this here blog.  I want to really work on putting it and myself out there into to blogosphere, post more vlogs, photos, more about my everyday adventures and try to make it a more interactive experience for my readers.  Plus, more of a "scrapbook" for me to look back on.

Soon I'll be starting to try and start some blog swaps, button swaps and get some guest posts on here, so if you're interested, drop me a line.  If you'd like me to feature you, your blog, your etsy shop, your pet poodle Spanky, also let me know.

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