Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20sb Blog Swap // Sandy from Just Sandy

Hi everyone.  I have the pleasure today of hosting Sandy from Just Sandy for a summer themed blog swap.   She has a great blog and just got back from an awesome vacation in Hawaii with her husband and daughter.  I am super jealous!   Oddly enough, we've come across each other before in the huge blogosphere.  She hosted my KROD this June.  Small world, right?  You can also find her on Twitter and 20-Something Blogger.

This blog swap I get to write about my favorite childhood vacation! This one was really easy for me because we didn’t get to take very many vacations growing up. Some of you might find that you have never heard of or thought these might be vacation spots but after this you might want to check it out! (Especially if you have kids of your own you can take).

I was about 10 when we went on this road trip from my home town Gillette, Wyoming to a few places in South Dakota. First stop: Flintstone Village!!! Yes it is a real place located in Custer, SD! Check it out! http://www.flintstonesbedrockcity.com/

That place was so much fun when I was 10. I have a younger brother and sister who also enjoyed it at 8 and 6. They had fun for the whole family, all ages. We had fun putting our face in the wood cut outs of the Flintstone characters, meeting the Flintstones, watching a play with the Flintstone characters and they had an amazing play ground from what I remember!

Our next destination took us to Bear Country USA! http://www.bearcountryusa.com/ This was probably my favorite part of the trip. You actually get to drive through the park and see all the bears roaming around, and the baby cub area was fascinating! I stood there forever pointing out what every bear cub was doing that I thought was funny or cute. Most of them were playing and chasing each other up trees. VERY CUTE! They also have a ton of trinkets you can get in the store (of course) and another place where you can put your face into a computer picture and pick out the body that you want… I became a redhead lol.
The next day we went to another family fun place called Reptile Gardens. http://www.reptilegardens.com/ There was SO many animals to look at. We saw crocodile shows which as a kid reminded me of Steve Erwin! It was totally entertaining. We saw snake shows as well (my mother didn’t really like that part lol). 
I went through my very 1st aviary there, which I thought was so strange but again enjoyed it. We got to pet a few of the animals and they even had interactive shows in which I got picked for one, playing cards with a chicken… the chicken won… go figure lol! I remember getting a reptile garden pin when we left and cherished it for a long time.

Our last stop was Mount Rushmore! Very awesome to see in person! Even at that age I wondered how the heck they could have done it without killing themselves back in the day! It was not as fun to me as the other places but… I was 10 so it only makes sense.  I wish I had some pictures to share with you all but my mother has them in a box somewhere in storage right now, but I can assure you it was a VERY fun trip! If you live near South Dakota look at the links and see if you can’t get yourself out there kids or no!

You can check out my post on my favorite childhood summer vacation spot over at Sandy's blog.

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