Friday, August 17, 2012

A Crazy, Crazy World

So, I am a firm believer that the zombie apocalypse is going to happen some day.  Not in the "living dead" kinda way, but more of a biological weapon kind of way.  Some sort of virus that makes people go crazy.  Have you seen the movie "The Crazies" staring a super hot Timothy Olyphant?  Well, like that.  Just check out this preview and tell me that's not zombie like.

Because of this belief, I actually do have a zombie apocalypse plan.  That's right.  An actual plan.  It is basically to grab some stuff out of the house (including some guns and ammo we have, as well as the camping gear) and head off to my family's camp in the middle of the woods Northern Maine.  There is nothing around for a VERY long time (couple of hours), plus it doesn't have running water or electricity (but it does have a water pump, outhouse and fire place) anyway so there would be no loss when the infrastructure collapses.  Plus, there's a bunch of hunting and outdoorsy stores and Wal-Marts on the way, so we could stock up with supplies before we got our own little homestead going.  I also wouldn't mind grabbing a dog or two to take with us either for protection and company. 

Yup - I've got a plan.  Anyone else have a crazy end-of-the-world plan too? 


  1. Mine involves hording as much medical supplies as possible and then trading them for entry into one of those fancy bunker apartments I read about in Discovery Magazine. Look up apocalypse apartments if you haven't seen it yet...pretty interesting idea I think.

    I figure since my husband is a structural engineer they'll need him around to keep things in tip top shape so they won't just kill me and take all the supplies (I hope!)

    1. Oooooo .... that sounds like a good plan. And I think you're right. You're husband is the ticket to not being killed and robbed.
      Man - those apartments look awesome! Hmmmm .... maybe I need to make myself one.