Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Fun

I had a plan to take some videos and put all together to show every a slice of what the American Folk Festival was like..... but I was with a 5 year old, so that plan didn't really work out.

So, here is my favorite band of the day.  We heard them in the dance pavilion and I got to do a little salsa dancing (although Corey didn't join me). 

Hmmmm ... let's see.  We saw a little bit of a Mongolian dance, heard some bluegrass, a little blues, some do wop, and that awesome salsa band.  Although we didn't stay a long as I'd have liked (we had a tired) girl, we had a pretty good time.  I highly recommend if anyone is in the area next year, they check it out.  Tons of fun!

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