Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

Oddly enough, this topic comes up a lot at work.  My boss is super into asking everybody what their sign is and what that means, personality wise.

So, blogging world, I am a Cancer.  Yup, the Crab.  And, I must say, most personality "guides" about Cancers fit me pretty closely.  Kinda scary actually.  This information (in italics) is via   My notes are in Purple.

This is one of the most emotional of all signs but at the same time one of the most protective of those they love. When a cancer allows you to become close personally with them, you will meet one of the most kind and caring people of the Zodiac. Make them mad and you will meet one of the most sensitive and formidable. Ummmm, yeah.  I'm guilty of this.  I am willing to give everything (maybe even too much) to those I love.  And God forbid that you hurt someone I love.  I will rip your eyes out.  I once punched someone for making fun of my mom when she had cancer. 
Shrewd and cautious, they go through life testing the waters. They have a vivid and strong imagination, which needs to be carefully governed. Otherwise they may find too much to worry about because a worrier Cancer is.  I tend to worry about everything.  Even things that I have no business worrying about.  People of this sign get very high marks in the intuition department. And when allowed to work instinctively, the Cancer mind is at it’s best. Brave in the face of adversity, this tenacious sign will sift through life’s problems.

Moodiness is one of the worst of their faults. They are quick to be in an up mood but just as quickly they are in a black hole. Keeping them moderated is the ideal situation fo
r a Cancer personality. And along with their changeable personalities Cancers can also be shy.  Now this is the truest of the true statements on this page.  Especially lately.  I have been crazy emotional with roller coaster ups and down the past couple of weeks. 

Cancerians make wonderful life partners. Although they are very emotional, they are very caring and when in love are really in love. A problem in this little love nest though is that Cancers sometimes tend to be cruel with their words. When their lover uses the same words back at the Cancer, they truly take it to heart and don’t like the situation at all.  I tend to be very critical and harsh at times in my words.  But my feelings get hurt super easy.  Corey is also a Cancer and sometimes I forget just how the emotions run in them because my own are so strong.

Sentimentality runs deep in the Cancerian. If you want someone to find the best card or gift for another, ask a Cancer personality. They are very inventive in their gifts and the receivers of such will tell you just how good they are.
This is somewhat true.  I always have these great ideas for presents.  My only problem is that I usually can't afford that awesomeness that I have planed.  This romanticism is part of the Cancer aura but may keep a Cancerian living in the past instead of moving forward. Cancerians adore their children. Home and family is vital to the Cancer personality. If this water sign is not careful, they can smother the ones they love with their protectiveness. I wouldn't say I'm smothering with protectiveness, but I can be smothering.  I want my partners to be happy SO much that at times I can come across as too clingy.  I put myself on the back burner to make them happy.

Although Cancerians like variety in their careers, they need continuity too. Using past experiences, they make the most of the present. As business people, they are extremely shrewd using their intuition to serve them well. Definitely yes to the first sentence.  I love jobs that mix the steady pace of doing something the same every time and having change things around like a puzzle.  I think that's why I like my current job so much.  It's all essentially the same steps with little changes mixed in.
So, readers, what is your sign?  Do you tend to follow the traits associated with it or not?

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