Friday, October 26, 2012

Life as a Single Girl

Corey was unexpectedly transferred starting this past Monday to a town two hours away.  By unexpectedly, I mean that they called him up Friday afternoon and told him to be there 6:30 Monday morning.  Talk about no notice.

It's been decidedly rough.  I miss him like crazy.  I miss just having him around, even if we weren't doing anything special.  In order to keep my mind occupied, I've started crocheting a ..... well, it'll probably end up a blanket.  And watching a lot of horror movies. Anything to keep my mind off not having him around.

My friends as work have been awesome.  They've been keeping me laughing and making plans so I don't have to sit home alone.  This Friday we are all going to the local fort for their "haunted house".  Theme? Zombie Apocalypse!

And now we have some big decisions to make.  Will we move? Is he going to look for a job back up in the town I'm in now?  How can we afford to have me move into an apartment here if he needs to be looking down there?  The other town is bigger and more expensive - can we afford to live there if we want to move?  He's four hours from his daughter instead of 2 - is that doable?

Needless to say, my head is just spinning with the questions and the uncertainty right now.  To be completely honest, I would love for him to look for a job back up here.  I like this area and would like to raise any future kids around here, not in the bigger city.   It's near the woods of northern Maine, it's near the ocean, it's close to an airport for vacations.  It has everything we need.  And the bigger city is only two hours away if we need more fun.

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