Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love List // 10.30.12



Corey's sister has gotten us hooked on Blue Mountain State - a funny, funny show about a college football team .. with very little football actually involved.  Very, VERY funny!

And ... of course .... I've been watching a lot of horror movies to get in the mood for Halloween!  Here are some of my favorites:


I am not reading as much as I should.  And when I am, it's usually along the lines of some cheesy romance novels.  Guess I'm just having one of those months where I need to escape into a little cheese.  BUT, I did just download a bunch of free books on my Kindle that I can't wait to read!


To help keep my mind (and hands) occupied while dealing with the stress lately, I've started crocheting a blanket.  I have also started to plan my theme for the upcoming year.  I've got some good, good stuff planned.  I've gotten quite a few posts all ready to go, just need to pick dates to schedule them on.  Oh ... and I've been doing a little of this

And hoping to see the results of all my hard work soon.

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