Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The move to Portland has been very bittersweet to me.  I made some, what I hope are, really good friends.  People I really want to keep in touch with.  That I feel like I can really share with, talk with, and have a good time with.  I tend to be two different people - "work Liz" and "non-work Liz". 

Having said that, I really am excited about the change.  I feel hopeful that this will be a great step forward for Corey and I.  We were able to get a place with little to no effort all because of good timing and things just seemed to come together very naturally for us this time around.  Bangor always felt like I bit of a struggle.  Like we were always having to work hard for what we want and never really get anywhere.  Portland, though, is effortless.  Everything a clicking and there isn't any anxiety over whether or not we made a mistake.  It is an awesome change after the last few months of stress.

It helped that I immediately got a job here.  I ended at McCue on Friday and started my new job the following Monday.  No time off for this girl!


  1. We should get coffee sometime... considering I work down in Portland! It will take some getting used to since it's much bigger than Bangor, but I grew up there and it's nice! I'm glad that you were able to get a job quickly and things seem to be much less stressful for you!