Sunday, February 10, 2013

100 Things to Do in 2013

I decided to be open and sharing about what I want out of my 2013.  So, without further ado, here is my brainstorm of 100 things to do.  I tried to keep in mind my 2013 theme of "Active Renewal" while coming up with ideas.  I decided this was a year to get back to me as opposed to moving forward.  A year to build to foundation.

1.     Start daily yoga                 
2.     Learn to rock climb                 
3.     Quarterly massages      (0/4)
4.     A week alone at my family's camp                   
5.     Monthly date nights with Corey      (0/12)
6.     Take a photography class            
7.     Go camping 3 times    (0/3)          
8.     Stand at the top of a mountain
9.     Pay off my car           
10.   Find a group of Portland friends         
11.   Go to The Nutcracker
12.   Start journaling        
13.   Buy a better camera         
14.   Tailor CTS job for me
15.   Learn some new updos           
16.   Go to the ballet        
17.   Complete a non-blanket crochet project
18.   Clarify my personal style               
19.   Learn to shoot a gun                 
20.   More girl time
21.   Take a course in designing blogs           
22.   Take a dance class           
23.   Find a local "escape place"
24.   Get a bicycle            
25.   Figure out what I want to go to school for        
26.   Create a morning ritual
27.   Make all Christmas gifts        
28.   Find a way to make extra money/income
29.   Go on a whale watch             
30.   Figure out my patron god/goddess
31.   Study and learn my oracle cards             
32.   Go to a casino               
33.   Stop biting my nails
34.   Go skinny dipping               
35.   Get my passport          
36.   Buy something that makes me feel sexy
37.   Read "Game of Thrones"             
38.   Watch "Game of Thrones"             
39.   Make a perfect planner
40.   Day with Corey at the beach               
41.   Go to Boston                
42.   Plant an herb garden
43.   Get a hammock      
44.   Karaoke        
45.   Go to the drive-in   
46.   Eat more fruits and veggies         
47.   Have a birthday party            
48.   Lord of the Rings movie marathon             
49.   Make s'mores
50.   Naughty times outdoors                                                     
51.  Take a college course 
52.   Start a business plan for whole life wellness            
53.   Complete The Joy Equation                                    
54.   Dance!!!                
55.   Finish all the main quests in Skyrim
56.   Read "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings"                       
57.   Weekend away with Corey
58.   Weekly shag                
59.   Get a dog                               
60.   Move somewhere we can have a dog
61.   Create/start a Project Life or Corey and Liz album                   
62.   Doctor and dentist checkups
63.   Funtown/Splashtown day                
64.   Pay four overdue bills         (0/4)                     
65.   Save $1000      
66.   Hula hoop more                                        
67.   Create a 5 year plan with goals and action plans
68.   Get my car a complete tune up                         
69.   Stop taking my "life unhappiness" out on Corey
70.   Take a self help/improvement course     
71.   Cook better meals      
72.   Visit Debsconeag Ice Caves
73.   Make a quilt                     
74.   Go to a concert                       
75.   Check out Soakology   
76.   Eat 'clean' for at least a month              
77.   Take an entire day hike             
78.   Take a kayaking trip
79.   Make a gratitude journal               
80.   *Private* 
81.   Read the books I already have before buying more                           
82.   Start a side business
83.   Take a class to improve my blog                  
84.   Find my soul color   
85.   Watch all the new seasons of Dr. Who  
86.   Cull Google Read / find "must read" blogs to inspire me
87.   Find a regular hang out spot in Portland                        
88.   Start to really build life with Corey
89.   Try Bikram yoga
90.   Be more kind
91.   Climb a tree
92.   Plan a big awesome anniversary
93.   Take an art class
94.   Be less judgey
95.   Be happy!
96.   Figure out what I really want in life
97.   Make bread
98.   Do all the workbooks that I have already bought/downloaded
99.   Let go
100. Accept where I am in life and start the changes I want

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  1. OO. There's a place on Marginal Way (Near Trader Joes & Whole Foods) called the Maine Rock Gym.... we should go rock climbing sometime!