Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Autumn is my favorite season for hiking and road trips.  Actually, it's just my favorite season all together.  There is just something so special about the world during fall.  All of the colors, the smell of crisp leaves, the generally bite to the air.  The world becomes ..... alive in a way that even summer doesn't bring.

Recently, I enjoyed a wonderful hike through the woods nearby my house.  It was nice and sunny, warm but with a nice crisp bite to the wind.  Lately, I haven't taken the time to get out into nature.  I didn't realize how out of sorts I was until I got out there and started to relax.  I am definitely one of those people that needs to connect with nature to feel whole and centered in life.

I need to start taking the time to get back to nature on a regular basis.  I'm thinking that when we move into the new apartment, I will try to start a little window garden for fresh herbs and buy some plants to have a little greenery around.

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