Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 : What's in Store

As I've mentioned before, I participated in Molly Mahar of Stratejoy's Holiday Council.  In case you're new to it, the Holiday Council was 21 days of reviewing my 2012 and planning for 2013.  One of the "homework assignments" was to create at theme for 2013 - which was really difficult for me.  I was having a hard time letting go of the stress of 2012.  I couldn't even get into the audio that Molly created for the course.  

After freaking out that I would never be able to think of something that felt authentic to me and not just the "cool" theme to have, I decided to take a look at the post Molly wrote in 2010 about theme creating.  Not even fifteen minutes later, here is what I was writing on the Council's facebook page:  

"It's amazing how these "aha" moments work.  I was having a tough time on my theme.  I wanted to do something on the "Live Boldly" line, but 2012 has been so draining, I knew I couldn't sustain that.  I tried listening to Molly's call about creating a theme, but couldn't get into it for some reason.  So, I decided to take a look at the post she wrote up about it.  I didn't even get past the photo at the top of the page before it hit me! 

My theme for 2013 is "Active Renewal" 
     Renewal : Filling again by supplying what has been used up   
 Active : Marked by or involving direct participation

That is just what I need - to refill my happiness, my energy, my love for life .... but hands on.  Not just letting 2013 happen to me.  Stepping up and taking charge of getting my life back in balance."

I have so many plans on how to honor this theme - yoga, more time in nature, camping weekends, hiking, getting a massage or two, taking time to explore my hobbies, nights where all I do is read, monthly date nights with Corey ....  I also have plans on taking Molly's Fierce Love course to maybe help me learn to love myself a little more and not be so negative on myself.   

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