Sunday, January 6, 2013

Changes Around Here

I've decided to spice things up on this ol' blog for the new year.  Nothing too radical, just some things I've been thinking about for the last month or two. 

I am adding some new monthly posts:

     * Gratitude Thursday : Last Thursday of the month
     * What's On My Shelf : Second Friday of the month - book reviews and what I wanna read
    * DIY to Real Life : Third Tuesday of the month - I'm gonna start knocking stuff off my Pinterest boards
    * Wanderlust : Travel ideas, where I dream of, trips I've taken, etc. - This has no set date and will probably be irregular

I'm planning follow ups on some of my most popular posts to date.  I've decided to try and be more open with you, my readers, so be prepared for some feels coming your way.   AND - I'm planning a BIG one year blog-aversary giveaway for May.

I've also signed up for a monthly foodie swap through The Lean Green Bean, which is (hopefully) gonna be awesome!  I can't wait to get all those goodies in the mail.
A revamp the design of Joyful Calamity has already started, so be on the lookout for the final product.  All in all - I am trying to be more active and more dedicated to this corner of the internet.

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