Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trip of a Lifetime // Part Duex

My initial post about my dream road trip seemed to really catch a lot of people's interest, so I thought a nice follow up was in order.  I am still dreaming and plugging away at a plan for this, but I really think that maybe I'll be able to make it a reality.  Which is super exciting!

Somewhat coincidentally, I found this book a weekend or two after my initial post at my local dump's "treasure house" - which, if you don't know what that is, is where people put their stuff they don't want but is too good to throw away.  Even though it was published quite some time ago, it looks pretty interesting.  It has helped me to add a couple more places to my list .... like I needed more, right?  I'm thinking I might need to really sit down and figure out which part of the country to really focus on.  I'm thinking the Rocky Mountain region.  Maybe South Dakota/Idaho.  Or Arizona/Utah.  Okay ... it might be tough for me to narrow down.  I want to see everything!!!

I think that the biggest planning will really have to be the budgeting and saving.  Not only will I have to save up for the actual trip, but I'll have to save up for the months off of work.  At the moment, my rough estimate is that I will need at least $1,000.00 for each month I plan for.  This seems high, but I want a little wiggle room for unexpected splurges - opportunities that are just too good to pass up, a really nice restaurant, that sort of thing.

I'll also have to budget having Corey join me for a bit too.  He won't be able to do the whole thing since he has his daughter every other weekend, but he should be able to join me for a week or so.  And everyone is entitled to an awesome vacation every now and then.

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