Monday, November 26, 2012

The New News

As I've talked about before, things were in a bit of upheaval recently.  They are really starting to settle down though.  

Corey and I are moving to Portland at the end of the week.  Yup - another move is happening.  Because of the eviction, we had to scramble around a bit and the only place we could really find was with his sister.  Her and a few friends rent a house and they had a room available.

PLUS, last Monday I interviewed for a job.  And I got it!  Yeah!  And it has health insurance.  Double yeah!  It's partially doing the real estate work I do now and partially receptionist work.  It seems like a nice calm environment, the attorney is really nice, and all in all I think it'll be a great place to work.  I am really excited about this change and I think it'll be a really good step for us.

Fingers crossed that this is the last bit of upheaval that is happening in the near future.

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